Welcome to Fleur de Pierre - Bijouterie & Accessoires Ingrid Stucki

My boutique is right in the heart of Lenk, on the Kronenplatz. The Kronenplatz is where the famous Jazz Days are held in summer, and where the ranking ceremony of the little ski stars and starlets is celebrated in winter. The square hosted some interesting speeches by our former Federal Councillor, Adolf Ogi. He addressed the numerous young people attending the youth ski camp every year. The boutique was reopened at the end of 2015 after having been stylishly renovated.   


What does Fleur de Pierre stand for?


Fleur de Pierre is a jewellery boutique offering high-quality silver jewellery with real gemstones(, at a reasonable price,) as well as unique handcrafted jewellery of the highest quality for girls and women of all ages and for any occasion. The precious stones are crafted into exclusive pieces of jewellery. 


The adjoining showroom displays a wide range of silver jewellery and seasonal accessories.


The first and unique Multisize jewellery by Serafino Consoli


The technique used is based on a complex manufacturing process. Each product consists of thousands of welding points and over a hundred components. A simple touch is enough to adapt Serafino Consoli’s creations to your own personal style: rings become bracelets or multisize rings, pendants and earrings can be transformed to new forms or sizes.


Swiss ethno-jewellery collection


The Swiss mountain’s magical energy, emanating from the charm of the enchanting scenery, has led me wanting to capture the radiant beauty of our magnificent nature. My personally designed collection embodies all these qualities in each and every piece of jewellery. The creations are available in silver, silver-gilt and oxidized silver (blackened). It is the most charming souvenir for a most competitive price. It will remind you of the wonderful time you have spent in the Swiss mountains, or it may be an exceptional souvenir for a special person at home.


New: Swiss made diamond watches of the brands Bijoumontre and Coinwatch


I am pleased to exhibit a selection of diamond-studded jewellery watches from La Chaux de Fonds, the world capital of the watch-making industry for over a hundred years.The watches from Bijoumontre can be individually assembled according to your wishes. You will wear your own unique watch on your wrist.


Are you looking for a very special and individual gift for your loved ones?


Currently you can discover a large selection of exquisitely hand-knotted pearl necklaces from Multicolor Keshi, as well as freshwater pearls or white baroque pearls, and precious Tahitian pearl necklaces with matching earrings. 


Or are you looking for a genuine and distinguished piece of jewellery? A precious gem set in a unique fashion design of my very own creation?


Drop by - I will be very happy to present to you my exclusive jewellery. You will be amazed!! I am looking forward to your visit.



Yours truly,


Ingrid Stucki